Here are a few questions we hear from people interested in hosting:

Q: What do I provide as a host?

A: We bring all of the cooking tools and ingredients.  All you need to provide is the kitchen space and plates/utensils to serve the final meal once it’s complete.  Some hosts like to provide wine or other drinks for their guests, but that's up to you.  All classes are BYOB encouraged!

Q: I want to host, but I’m not sure I have a big enough kitchen. What does my space have to be like?

A:  Our classes work in lots of different spaces, even small ones. Before booking, we’ll ask you more about your kitchen/dining area and decide on an option that works for you.  Classes can be done on kitchen counters, but they work equally well on a dining room table. For our pasta classes, hosts do need a counter or table with a lip so we can attach pasta machines.

Q. Do you have a physical space where we can come for a class?

 young woman making fresh pasta

A. No.  All of our classes are private in our clients' homes.

Q: What’s the best size group for a class?

A: Our minimum class size is 6, but we've done classes for groups as large as 25.  

Q: What dates and times are available?

A: Check our calendar for available dates and times.  The most popular class time is 5 - 8 p.m., but we can be flexible if you have another time in mind that’s not listed.  Contact us, and we’ll work with your schedule when we can!

Q. Do you offer classes for smaller groups like a couple?

A. We do have a minimum requirement of 6 people per class, but contact us if you have a smaller group.

Q:  Do you do classes outside of Denver?

A: Yes, for a small fee, we're willing to travel.  Please contact us to see if we can offer classes in your area.

Q: What should my guests bring and wear to my class?

A: Some hosts choose to provide alcohol for their guests, but many ask guests to BYOB. Guests can wear whatever they’d like.  We’ll provide aprons so that clothes don’t get dirty.

Q: My friends and I aren’t really serious cooks. Will the class be advanced?

A: Not at all. Our focus is having a fun, relaxed class in your home while making delicious food.  We choose simple recipes using fresh ingredients, so dishes are easy to learn even if you’re not a big foodie.

Q:  Some of my friends are vegetarians.  Can our dinner be meatless?

A: Yes! In fact our standard dishes and sauces are meatless.  Vegan recipes are a bit different, so let us know when booking if any of your guests are vegan.

Q:  Do you offer gluten-free options?

A: Our pasta recipes do contain gluten.  That said, gluten-free guests are welcome to participate in classes with the group, and we can provide and cook separately gluten-free pasta for them to enjoy at the end.  

Q: Is this going to make a huge mess?

A: We clean at the end of each class so your kitchen won’t be left a mess.

Q.  Do we need to tip our instructor?

A:  Tipping is totally up to you!  If you enjoyed the class, you're welcome to leave a tip, but it's not required.  Once you've paid online for your class, you're all set.

Q:  Can I buy a gift certificate?

A:  Yep! Our private classes make great gifts.  Gift certificates can be purchased here.

Q:  What’s your cancellation policy?

A: Full refunds are available if classes are canceled more than one week before the booked date, and 50% refunds are available for classes canceled up until four days out.  Refunds are not available if cancellations are made within four days of the confirmed date.